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Episode: Off Book: Steampunk

PBS has just released the Off Book episode on Steampunk. Steampunk art evokes an alternate reality where steam is the primary source of power. Technology, though highly advanced, has taken on a very different look and feel, and fashion is heavily influenced by Victorian styles. In this episode, we explore the Steampunk aesthetic and art movement.

Build your own Steampunk Mechanical Arm

Short video on how to build a steampunk mechanical arm:

Star Wars Steampunk Art

starwars steampunk art
It may be difficult to improve upon the Star Wars character designs that George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie originally brought into the world. However, Bjorn Hurri's sleek steampunk takes on Han Solo, Jabba the Hut and Boba Fett are something to behold! From the riveted accessories to the gears and goggles, Hurri put a great deal of thought into how our favorite Star Wars characters would incorporate some Victorian props into their lives.

Make your own Steampunk iPhonograph

There's never been a shortage of ideas or inventions in the Steampunk community. Here's the latest do-it-yourself project that combines salvaged parts with an mp3 player to create a gorgeous Steampunk phonograph. Instructions

Coolest Steampunk Guitar Ever

Mobilis in Mobili: An Exhibition of Steampunk Art and Appliance Just one of pieces featured in this exhibit is a 1964 Norma Guitar (reimagined by Steve Brook) features vintage gold foil pickups, gages, working gears, gold leaf filigree and a turn of the century noodle cutter handle. The controls cover is a solid brass door plate from the Book Cadillac Building in Detroit.

What could be more steampunk than Sherlock Holmes?

Our favorite Steampunk of the year: Robert Downey, Jr as Shelock Holmes in: A Game of Shadows, Jude Law returning as Watson and a new character played by Noomi Rapace under Guy Ritchie’s direction. Here’s the full on set interview. You can also click below to listen to the audio. Question: Everyone knows how much you loved playing Sherlock Holmes and how you wanted to do this. Could you both talk about how happy both of you are to be back in character doing a sequel so soon?

Macy's and Justin Bieber go Steampunk for Christmas

Macy’s and Justin Bieber were inspired by steampunk for their holiday windows and Christmas music video, respectively, and fans are worried that their movement could be co-opted for mainstream commercialism. A look at the Macy’s newest window display, the famous holiday windows feature tiny Victorian characters taking a rocket ship to the North Star before a backdrop of gears.

Steampunk Movie features Zombies

Cherie Priest's steampunk zombie novel Boneshaker is going to be a movie. Boneshaker (2009), which takes place in an alternate history of Seattle in 1880, is the first in Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century Series, featuring a Civil War that has lasted for twenty years, steampunk machinery, mad scientists, spies, airship pirates, ladies of ill repute, and of course, zombies.

Debut of Muslim Steampunk Wiki

Want more proof that Steampunk exists in many forms all over the world? A Wiki devoted to Muslim Steampunk is currently in the works. The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a research platform for Muslim Steampunk writers, including a collection of short story essays written by Yakoub Islam, provisionally entitled The Muslim Age of Steam. View their progress at: Muslim Steampunk Wiki

Steampunk Martin Scorsese Style

Who would've guessed that Hugo—a 3-D kiddie flick set in a Paris train station—would be Martin Scorsese's most personal movie in years? Want another surprise? It's also one of his best!

Hugo is a 2011 3D adventure drama film based on Brian Selznick's novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It is directed by Martin Scorsese and written by John Logan. This is Scorsese’s first film shot in 3D and it was released in the US on November 23.


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